About Picabees

Picabees is a premier image editing solutions provider serving a vast clientele from e-Commerce, Real-estate, Marketing, Fashion, Marketing, and other industries. Our commitment to quality, performance and excellence makes us the preferred choice for professional photographers, studios, and individuals. Our website is –


Shared Personal Data

We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our website visitors and service users. We take each possible measure to protect your data and information shared with us. Our privacy policy document explains what information we collect about you, how and on what legal basis we process the collected data.


What Information We Collect

Picabees collects selected data of its website visitors to provide you our services, technical assistance, keep a record of communication and give them an interactive experience. The personal information collected is the user’s name, contact number, email id, contact address, and other submitted personally identifiable information. We may collect information about your use of Picabees’s website, your IP address, page views, and website navigation chart.


How to Avoid Automatic Data Collection and Website Cookies

If any visitor wants to avoid automatic data collection by our website, he must remove the embedded location data (EXIS GPS) while uploading images to the website. It will prevent the extraction of visitors’ personal data by the website. 

Picabees generally automatically collects data when a visitor clicks on our website links or submits a form. We never collect the visitor’s data unless he finally submits the form. Also, the information is not used for communication unless requested by the user. 

We use website cookies, web beacons, and other system log data for automatic data collection of our visitors. These cookies are on visitors’ devices, and data is secured since we cannot access their devices at any cost. If cookies persist for more than two weeks, to terminate the cookies select the option “Remember Me” and log out from your account.


Data Collection with Google Analytics

Picabees uses Google Analytics to gather data about its website visitors such as visited pages, time of visit, referring site details, network location, and IP address. We strictly comply with the Google policies and do not collect any information if a visitor doesn’t want to. If any visitor does not wish to participate in our Google Analytics advertising, they can select the Google Analytics Opt-out link.


With Whom Picabees Shares Your Data

We keep our website visitor and account user data confidential. We never share, sell, or distribute our visitor’s personal data under any condition. The data only helps to maintain customer relationships with us.


User Rights on the Shared Data

If you want to access, rectify, or remove your personally identified information collected by us. Request us through email or leave comments from your login account. We will do it unless we do not have any legal, security, or administrative compulsion.


Where Picabees Sends Your Data

We never send or circulate your data to any third party. We may check our visitors’ comments by an automated spam detection service (not controlled by us).


Privacy Policy Updates

Picabees holds the right to update or amend its privacy policy statements at any time. Therefore, we request our visitors regularly visit this page to know our updated privacy policy. For any clarification on our privacy statement, contact us at –