Getting professional-looking property photos is key to your real estate business success. Homeowners and business owners will be drawn to images that accurately represent the property on your website or brochures. High-quality photos also signal that you’re professional, trustworthy, and crucially, employing the best real estate retouching can ensure you find exactly what they’re looking for.

You can hire a professional photographer, but that won’t be enough because no matter how good the shoot is, there will always be a need for the images to be retouched to make them look perfect for your customers. And hiring the best real estate retouching provider as important as hiring the best photographers.

7 Key Factors to Choose the Best Real Estate Retouching Provider

1. Turnaround time

Time is money in the real estate industry. And you don’t want to be handing out your project to a company that will take forever to enhance your property photos, or worse, never give them back at all. 

To avoid this, make sure to ask what their usual turnaround time is, before handing over your project and also ask them why they take as long as they do. If you find them suspicious while answering questions around TAT, consider it a red flag. 

One more tip would be to give them a small size of pictures to edit before you give them the whole project to test their reliability.

2. Testimonials 

Fake customer testimonials are rampant in almost every online business today and the photo editing editing industry is no less. 

A way to test if the reviews are legitimate or not is If they only have 5-star reviews where every customer just boasts about them or they also have reviews where they are criticized in some ways. Of course, every business won’t be perfect but if the criticisms are reasonable you should go with them rather than some companies who post fake reviews to get clients.  

3. Portfolio and Samples

While plenty of professional photo editing companies claim that they are good at all sorts of things and real estate photo editing being one of them, they might be false advertising. 

That’s why one of the most important steps in selecting them is to thoroughly review their portfolio because it provides you a glimpse into the company’s style, skill, and quality of their work. 

In addition to reviewing their portfolio, don’t forget to ask if they can provide a few samples and this is a vital step in the process. Let’s say you have specific requirements or a unique property to showcase, by requesting samples, you can get a sense of how the company might handle your specific needs.

4. Affordable Prices

Affordability might be a subjective term because everyone has a different budget depending on what their requirements are. However, in the context of real estate photo editing companies, prices are in a similar range. 

Prices for the standard set of editing real estate images must range between $1-$3 on average, not more, not less. Other services that require additional time and effort may be charged more, but these will normally be the more complex requests.

5. Respects Privacy

Confidentiality and trustworthiness of the company are vital when forging a partnership. Make sure to do some background checks on them if possible. Also, keep an eye out to make sure they aren’t selling your photos to someone else for a price.

6. Technology they Use

Keeping up with the technological changes is important for any company that is into providing High-quality photo editing services, but there might be some who use obsolete technology to reduce their cost. It’s important to filter them out so you can get the best of what you want instead of making compromises.

As technology advances with innovative features being added every other day in some way or another, you need to go with the company that welcomes these changes so you can get the best output for your money’s worth.

7. Approach to Style

Some of the best outsourcing real estate photo editing services can provide top-notch quality because of their ability to bring out great enhancements. 

But if you are looking for small changes without the need for many enhancements then this would likely be a less tight factor for you, but if you need a certain style to stand out from your competitors, then the skill-set of the editors to replicate your style matters. 

Not all service providers will be able to tailor fit your requirements perfectly, but some out there strongly commit to every instruction you give them and can execute them flawlessly, these are the ones you should go with and one of them is Picabees.

Final Conclusion

Choosing an established player in the industry can be difficult and expensive unless you go with someone who can meet your real estate photo editing needs and deliver on time while keeping your budget needs in check.

That someone could be us — Picabees. As a B2B photo retouching services company with over 7 years of experience, we can truly help your brand come out on top.